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About the Kennel

We welcome you to the official site of the airedaleterrier kennel "Raider's Antania". On this site you will see detailed information about our kennel, its history and member dogs (pedigrees, titles, photo galleries). You will also find miscellaneous information concerning cynology (links to many airedale sites and resources and useful information).

Hope you will like our airedales. We will be glad to cooperate with enthusiasts of this beautiful breed. We are open to anyone who likes dogs.

The airedaleterrier kennel "Raider's Antania" is located in the very center of Minsk, the capital of Republic of Belarus. The kennel got its name, "Raider's Antania", when it was officially registered in Federation Cynologique Intercacionale (FCI) on April 21, 1999 (certificate No. 012/99).


Principles of our kennel

Decencies in customer relations
Professional growth of healthy and robust puppies
Quality guaranty of puppies
Preparation of puppies and dogs for show career
Comprehensive help and consultations

Our kennel is a member of Belarusian Cynological Union (BCU) and Belarusian Terrier Club (BTC). BTC is the only pedigree center with many years' experience and good traditions of breeding in Belarus. BTC consolidates a large number of kennels, which devote themseves with breeding on high professional level.

Among our dogs you can find many generations of winners and champions. As a result of shows our kennel has been recognized as "The Best Airedaleterrier Kennel in Belarus '99".

All our dogs have an export pedigree, an indentfication tattoo and an International Health Certification.