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Airedales over the World
Airedale Terrier Ring
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Dog's portal,where you can find info about many airedales,also pages of our dogs.


Airedales in Belarus


Airedales in Russia

A lot of interesting information about airedales. Many photos. Languages: English/Russian.

Informational portal about dogs. Has forum, chat. There you can real about our dogs. Languages: Russian.

Airedales in Poland

Information site about airedales. Language: Polish.

Airedales and welshterriers. Results of dow shows in Poland. Many photos. Languages: English/Polish.

kennel "Prima"- the oldest kennel of airdales in Poland.Home of Mlt.Ch.Pl Delightful Elegance Raider`s Antania.


kennel "Poezja Ruchu"- home of our Ml.Ch.Pl, Ch.Pl. Distinctive Exterior Raider's Antania


Airedeles kennel "Kementari".


kennel "Marakita"-Airedales and Golden retrievers


Airedales in Hungary

Kennel "Bruig Na Boann".In this kennel live father of our Kontessa

Languages: English/Hungarian


Airedales in Belgium

Kennel "Van 't Asbroek".(Our "D"-litter are offspring of dogs from this kennel.)

Languages:Nederlands - Francais - English - Deutsch

Airedales in Slovenia

Kennel "Shadow of Aire"-Airedeles and Sealyham Terriers.


Airedales in Estonia

Airedales in Romania

Marvellous' father kennel


Airedales in Chez

Airedales in Italy

Airedales in Norvay

Airedales in Finland